Wolfgang Widmoser was born in Munich in the early fifties. He studied painting in Vienna, under Ernst Fuchs. Fuchs taught his students how to paint in the manner of the Italian masters, using oil, varnish and shellac. This is where Wolfgang learned about shade, shadows and lights. This is also where he became a master of the Mische technique.
Wolfgang became so masterful that Fuchs considered him to be a prodigy. This is when Fuchs sent Wolfgang to Spain, in order to study and paint with Salvador Dali.
It didn't take long for collectors and galleries to become aware of the demanding quality of Wolfgang’s work.
After some time, Wolfgang was chosen to be among the top 200 contemporary artists in the world. Because of this, his work was featured in an Exhibit at Steve Wynn's (one of the world's top art collectors) resort. It was his first time Wolfgang had been in the states in 30 years, but he was only here for a few short days.
Several years later, Wolfgang arrived back in the USA. This time, to the East Coast. He flew halfway around the world on a charitable mission. He flew, 24 hours, to deliver a painting that he made and donated to the Rare Disease United Foundation's, Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit. Wolfgang painted a portrait of a young child with Sturge-Weber Syndrome. Upon his arrival, there was a wonderful reception at 41°N, in Newport, Rhode Island. The event was to welcome Wolfgang back to the USA, and to feature his artwork along with unveiling his new masterpiece painting of the young child, Ashlyn.
From there, the painting was officially part of the exhibit, which has gone on tour throughout the USA, and has made into European publications. Including the front cover of a medical journal in Europe. As well as being featured in the Boston Globe, and a number of other press reviews. It even made it to the front page of the USA government's website for the Department of Energy and Commerce. His work was also featured on the CBS Sunday Morning show, viewed by 8+ million people. Wolfgang stayed in the USA for only a month, and his work continues to tour in the exhibit. When it was time, Wolfgang went back to his home in Bali, Indonesia. He enjoys paradise with his family, and continues to paint his masterpieces and his architecture.
In this video, you will see the bamboo domes that Wolfgang made. He also taught the people in the villages how to build, using these materials. In the video, you will see how they are built, along with the people he taught to build with him.
This particular project was built for the Mentigi Bay resort (learn more about that in the description of the you-tube video).
Fontainebleau Miami (FL) 2017
Broad Institute (Mass) 2017
National Institute of Health (MD) 2017
F.D.A. (MD) 2017
Children's of Alabama (AL) 2017
Quinnipiac University of Medicine (CT) 2017
Children's of Texas (TX) 2017
Novartis (Mass) 2017
Hofstra (NY) 2016
Feinstein Institute (NY) 2016
Harvard (Mass)  2015
41°N (RI) 2015
Wynn resort (NV) 2012
1974 Castle Wartholz (Vienna)
1976 City Theatre St.Gallen (Switzerland)
1977 Painting "Der Heustadl" acquired by  Bayerische Staatsgemäle- sammlungen (Munich)
1978 Gallery Kamp (Amsterdam)
1979 Gallery Rutzmoser (Munich)
1981 Gallery Goetz (Stuttgart)
1982 Gallery am Bodensee
1983 Gallery Dornier (Zürich)
1985 Arte alla Riva (Ascona)
1986 Gallery Rutzmoser (Munich)
1987 1st Price at Artfair in Sienna (Italy)
1989 Qdos Lorne (Australia)
1991 Gallery MEI (Tokyo)
       Gallery Toricoroii (Osaka)
       Australian Trade-Commission-Showroom  (Hong Kong)        
1993 Gallery 101 (Melbourne)
1994 Gallery Goetz (Basel)
2001 Gaya-Fusion of Senses(Bali)
2002 Gaya-Fusion of Senses(Bali)
2003 East-West-Gallery (Milano)
2004 Biasa (Bali)
       Raka Museum (Bali)
2004 Krane-Gallery(Bali)
2005 Visual Arts(Jakarta)
2005 Bali Biennale Summit
2006 Qdos Lorne
2006 Tony Raka Bali
2008 Bentara Budaya  Jakarta
2008 Achillimuseum Jakarta
2010 Orgone gallery Ubud, Bali
1986 Villa of Johannes Funk in Tuscany (fresco)
1987 La Campigliola (fresco in hotel)
1988 Al Brodo ( fresco in hotel)
1996 Berry's Tent (Bali) bamboo construction Tony Rak a in Indonesia
1997 Ta `dung Langi `(Sulawesi)construction with bamboo and clay
1999 Frida's Refugio (Italy)construction with reed
2001 Seseh Beach house (Bali)
2002  Ceramic Workshop (Bali)  bamboo armed cement shell with tent roof 
2003 Sky Place (bamboo zeppelin in Bali with Markus Heinsdorff)
2008 Bloolagoon Bali
2015 Beach House Mural (Amagansett, NY)
2003 Tony Raka Bali
1987 ARMA-Museum Bali
1989 Dr. Edward Tweddell (chair of Adelaide Arts Festival 2000-02)
1989 Benson Chemicals Australia P/L
1990 Shell (Australia) P/L
1991 Yumeya Art Studio  (Nara, Japan)
2002 Raka Museum Bali
2002 Raz Degan (Milano, New York)
2003 Justin Portman & Natalia Vodianova (New York)
2003 Asia Works (Chris Gentry)
2003 Shigeko Abe
2004 Mariner Funds (Australia) P/L Melbourne
2004 Sally  Leeson (London)
2006 Paulus Amigo Surabaya 
2007 Sampoerna (Jakarta)
1976 Stadt-Zeitung St.Gallen(Feb:6th)
1977 TZ Munich (May 20th)
1977 Münchner Merkur (April 21st) - Tradition der Ahnen - Reinhard Müller-Mehlis
1984 Eco Di LLocarno (Dec.8)
1989 Geelong Advertiser Nov.9th (Sandy Caldow) -Painting reality in four dimensions-           
1989 Echo Oct.24(Stefan Carey) -Painter's journeys through the ages-
1991 South China Morning Post(Visions from Down Under   Oct.29th)
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1993 REALISMO  FANTASTICO article by Marcello Morante Grosseto
1993 MAGISCHER REALISMUS  article by Ludger Busch Munich
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2001 Balio September edition
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2009 FRV ( Renaissance Man )
2015 Boston Globe
2015 Stat News (Harvard Medical School) -Beyond the Diagnosis-
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2016 Rare Genomics Institute -Leading the Way : Beyond the Diagnosis-
2017 World Press (Life As Art Asia)
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