Kim Ellery is a storyteller as much as she is an artist. Born and raised in Rhode Island in the ’60s, she studied at both Rhode Island College and the Rhode Island School of Design. Her early artistic years found her working in sculpture; three-dimensional creations were her passion, but no material was off limits as she explored her creative abilities. Those initial experiences working in 3-D still inform the paintings she creates today as she layers and adds textures. She began painting in 2004 and her works are most often composed of acrylic with mixed-media collage. Kim calls her method of painting “cloud painting.” Imagine yourself lying on the ground watching the clouds and looking for shapes or forms or pictures. She starts most paintings with an abstract, graffiti-like underpainting bursting with color out of which she finds the images that will come forward to the final painting.
At a friend’s suggestion that every painting should tell a story, Kim embraces that idea and uses each of her paintings to tell the truth of love and joy. She believes that each one of us can make a positive difference in this world; her art is her contribution as well as her encouragement to viewers to find their way to happiness.
Kim’s true story is that painting and creating are not so much her choice but rather the embodiment of God’s gift to her. He guides her to take a handful of artists’ supplies and to put something beautiful into the world. As she tells it, “Creating is like breathing and eating for me. I must do all three to survive, and I thank God for his gift of this talent which allows me to battle against depression and anxiety while giving joy to others.” 
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