Friday, November 2nd at 4 PM
275 W Natick Rd, Warwick, Rhode Island 02886
01-04-2019  Surrealism, featuring new works by Wolfgang Widmoser
11-02-2018   Unframed Works on Paper 
10-05-2018   All Acrylic
08-24-2018  Seascapes 
03-09-2018  A Realistic View 
11-10-2017   An Abstract Art Event 
08-08-2017  Summer Art Event 
04-08-2017  Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit + Sneak Peak 
02-27-2017  Eunoia’s Co-founder/ Curator/ Artist received Artistic and Humanitarian Award from
Quinnipiac University of Medicine.
02-24-2017   Silent Art Auction 
02-11-2016    CBS reception art event
02-11-2016    CBS Sunday Morning filming Special Feature at Eunoia Gallery 
09-17-2016    A Rare Art Event to benefit the rare disease community 
04-20-2016   The Francis Mesaros Exhibit 
10-15-2015    Providence Artists Exhibit
08-27-2015   Art Event of the Year. Meet and Greet Wolfgang Widmoser
03-21-2015   Open House Art Event
03-19-2015   Paint Away Cancer
12-18-2014    Holiday Wine and Cheese Party
11-28-2014    Holiday Boutique Show
08-16-2014   National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Benefit Art Show
06-21-2014   Fantastic Realism
06-12-2014   RISD Alumni Exhibit 
05-10-2014  Grand Opening 
Art Fairs
4-23-2015 Art Expo NYC
Eunoia Gallery’s Curator was also contracted to curate the following events which he was also showing
in, as an artist, along with other Eunoia Artists. Dates depict opening receptions.
02-14-2018   Nemours (MD)
02-14-2018   FDA (MD)
02-12-2018   Children’s of Alabama (Al)
02-05-2018   Lysosomal Storage Disorder Conference (Ca.)
01-17-2018    Broad Institute (Mass.)
08-31-2017    Rare Disease Film Festival (Mass.)
02-27-2017    Quinnipiac University of Medicine (Ct.)
02-03-2017    National Institute of Health (MD)
01-31-2017    Broad Institute (Mass.)
01-31-2017    FDA (MD)
01-31-2017   Children’s of Alabama (Al)
02-11-2016   CBS Special Event (RI)
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